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About Us

The HealthSmartID card system is the flagship product of Competech SmartCard Solutions that grew out of the need for a truly interoperable system that would facilitate the secure sharing of patient personal, medical, insurance and other pertinent information across the entire spectrum of a patient′s care. Primary care physicians, specialists, ancillary service providers, physical therapists and even nutritionists can all be granted access by the patient to his/her records.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff of Information technology specialists, software engineers and developers, systems security experts as well as senior health policy advisors, medical information systems specialist and caregivers from many areas of healthcare all contributed to the design and development of the HealthSmartID card system.

The HealthSmartID card system was designed not only to assist caregivers in safely and more effectively treating patients and improving outcomes, but also to give patients access to their own medical records and a myriad of tools that can empower them to better understand and take a more active role in their healthcare regimen. We believe that an educated patient is a healthier patient.